Is it necessary for me to register an account in order to buy an item?

Yes.  We are a wholesale distributor, not a retail shopping site, all accounts on this site are subject to vetting before being approved/processed.  

Which shipping providers do you use?
  • We maintain an exclusive relastionship with UPS which ensures we get the very best rates available so we can pass on that savings to you!
How long it will take to receive my items? 
  • We ship within three business days of receiving your purchase order.   There might be a slight delay during Back to school/Holiday seasons.  
Do you accept orders from all 50 US states?
Yes! Although shipping charges can vary greatly.
Do you offer any kind of discounts?
At times we will offer free freight discounts periodically, sign up to our mailing list as those deals are sent only to our mailing list customers!
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